Why Are Root Canals Important

Dr Ajinder Kaur D.D.S.

The Root Canal is a very common tooth treatment nowadays that may have to be performed for infected teeth, a deep cavity that has reached the pulp, tooth injury or leaky fillings.

The most common cause of a person requiring a root canal is due to the pulp infection.

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The 'pulp' is a part of the tooth system and is present in the center of a tooth. It is made up of  nerves and blood vessels and often, due to several reasons, this pulp might get severely rotten or infected. You may be suffering from an inflamed or infected tooth.

If you are facing the following symptoms:
  • The patient a lot of pain and the patient may even refrain from having food due to the tooth pain.
  • Patient may suffer excessive pain while specifically drinking hot or cold beverages.
  • In some cases, one may even notice swelling in the gum around the infected tooth.
  • Pain in the infected tooth can occur constantly. The pain may grow even more while chewing or applying pressure on the tooth.
  • In rare cases, one may notice the formation of a pus filled abscess on the gum around the infected tooth.
  • Sometimes, the infected tooth changes its color to a darker shade so you can easily detect which tooth is causing you pain.
Such a thing must be treated as soon as possible in order to prevent the patient from losing his or her tooth. The pulp is a necessity during the days of the growth of a person's teeth but after that, the pulp ceases to be a vital part of the tooth. Thus, the best solution for a decaying pulp is to remove it completely as its removal will not affect you.
Many people hesitate from getting a root canal, thinking of it as an extremely painful procedure but in fact, patients have stated that the pain they suffered from the infected tooth was far worse than the pain from the root canal treatment. Delaying the procedure can worsen the infection and cause further complications.
Before the beginning of the surgery, the doctor injects you with anesthesia to make the procedure almost painless for you. A dentist drill is used to create a hole on the top of the tooth and the pulp is removed. The canals are then cleaned with antibacterial agents and are filled with gutta percha in order to prevent the infection from returning and to seal the hole in the tooth made with a drill previously. A crown then restores the original tooth structure.
After the root canal treatment, one may notice swelling but this can be decreased with the help of ice or ice packs. Proper medication, which consists of antibiotics must be taken on time to prevent the infection from returning. Your doctor may also prescribe pain killers.
The root canal treatment is not dangerous or risky as it is performed by highly expert dentists. Make sure you choose the best dentist in your area to perform this surgery. For more information book free consult at Cosmo Smiles Dental Arlington.  Contact us

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