Dentistry For Kids

As a parent, you always do the best to keep your children healthy by ensuring that they feed, exercise and socialize well. In most cases, oral health is given less attention especially if the children are still young . Brushing the teeth is essential though not enough to prevent dental problems from occurring in children. Therefore, it is advisable to make routine visits to a duly trained and experienced pediatric dentist for general oral health checkups. Make your child’s first dental visit on 1st Birthday. Its essential for growth and future development of your child. Make your Child’s visit with Cosmo Smiles Dental Alexandria, a practice for whole family.Arlington va dentist


Advantages of pediatric dentistry


Focusing on oral health of children, from toddler hood all through adolescence years. It is important to introduce the child to dental care offered by the same dentists when still young in order to build a relationship of trust with the service provider. Here are top benefits that your child gains by visiting a pediatric dentist regularly;


  • Preventive treatment– Though common dental issues will rarely go unnoticed due to pain and discomfort they cause, regular visits to pediatric dentists helps in preventing major problems. The dentist has the skills and experience to identify developing oral health problems in children early and preventing them. This saves your child from painful dental problems and expensive treatment due to complications.
  • Develop healthy habits– Children learn through rewards and consequences derived from practical experiences. Telling your child that eating many sweets is not healthy may not make sense in them as they know sweets and sugary cookies are yummy. When they visit the pediatric dentist, they benefit from oral health education on how to care for their teeth. The lessons on dental care, learnt in childhood accompany them into adulthood, making them responsible for their oral health.
  • Availability of major pediatric dental services– In the pediatric dental clinic, children benefits from varying dental procedures performed by an expert. They benefit from general oral assessments specific for infants, solutions for thumb sucking and teeth grinding, teeth cleaning, assessment of teeth development, displaced teeth management, teeth restoration and many more specialized dental services. Dental services offered by the pediatric dentist are aimed at fostering normal development of teeth and good oral health in children at different growth stages so major dental treatments can be avoided in future. Healthy Baby teeth are essential for healthy adult teeth.


How to prepare children for pediatric dentistry appointment


Just like adults, children are faced with intense fear of pediatric dentistry. The sight of dental equipment scares the children way before the examination procedure begins. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare your child for every single dental appointment. Below are tips that will help you in preparing your children for dental visits;


  • Start dental visits early– Starting dental visits when the child is still a toddler is one of the way of making your child comfortable with the dentist. Oral health checkups at young age helps the child perceive the dental clinic as a second home where all his dental needs are met. The first visit to a pediatric dentist should be made with the development of the first tooth. The child gets used to the dentist who becomes a friend other than a stranger after subsequent visits.
  • Avoid complication statements– Whether the child is attending pediatric dental appointment for the first time or subsequent visits, it is important to keep it simple. Deep explanations of the procedure that may be carried out on the child should be avoided as this can create unnecessary anxiety. For example avoid statements such as “you will be fine” because if a procedure such as filling or extraction is carried out, the child may loose trust in you and dentist. Avoid using words “pain, injection ,Shot”. Dentist is trained and so is staff . They will explain in their on way to minimize discomfort and anxiety.
  • Be ready for fussing periods– according to the age of the child, it is normal for some whining, crying and resisting. Do not interfere much if your child becomes fussy but allow the dentist and the staffs to take care of your child.
  • Consider a mock visit– Children relate well with role plays. Act a mock visit to the dental clinic prior to the real visit to make your child comfortable.
  • Role play: They can watch their older sibling or parent for Role play and can understand visit better without any fear and anxiety.

Book appointment today with Cosmo Smiles Dental Alexandria, Virginia to make first checkup and cleaning visit as soon as first tooth erupts or on or before 1st Birthday to avoid any complications in future. Dentist will guide you for brushing, cleaning, feeding, foods and tooth eruption and development. Diagnosing common dental issues early will avoid unnecessary stress and financial burden in future and will help in Healthy Happy smiles.

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