Seeking to restore attractive smiles and social confidence in an individual. Though cosmetic dental procedures have restorative and preventive properties, they are basically done to enhance appearance of an individual. Remember that the personality of an individual is revealed first and foremost by the smile and their confidence in talking. If the teeth of an individual have flaws that one is uncomfortable about, a person may become shy to laugh, smile or talk in public. This lowers the individual’s self esteem and confidence. Cosmetic dentists have vast knowledge about the anatomy of the mouth, oral health issues that can lead to teeth damage and artistic eye to restore a beautiful smile in the affected individual.

Signs that you need to visit a cosmetic dentist

You do not need to have pain in order to visit your local cosmetic dentist. If you have some teeth defects that you wish to hide, making you to laugh or smile while covering your mouth, it is time to schedule for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. With the help of a dentist, you can get rid of the disturbing defect once and for all. Wondering whether you should visit a cosmetic dentist? Here are some signs to look for;

  • Cracked and chipped teeth– Cracked or chipped teeth distort the general shape of the teeth making you uncomfortable. In addition, the crack acts as an open door for bacteria to gain entry casing infection and consequently decay. It is advisable to visit cosmetic dentist for restoration procedure hence health and attractive appearance.
  • Misaligned jaw or teeth– Misaligned jaw leads to crooked teeth that may lead to discomfort. The jaw and teeth can be straightened using some cosmetic procedures that are performed depending on the intensity of the issue.
  • Missing teeth– Missing teeth can be caused by severe infection, accident or advanced age. It is possible to have the lost tooth replaced with a permanent or semi-permanent one that resembles the natural teeth.
  • Severely or moderately stained teeth– Coffee drinking over a long period of time may lead to brown colored teeth. However, some teeth become yellow over time may be due to use of anti-biotic treatment or unknown cause, making one uncomfortable. By simply scheduling an appointment with a cosmetic dentist, you can have white teeth once again.
  • Undesirable gaps between the teeth– Gaps in between the teeth may occur naturally possibly due to genetic makeup of an individual. These gaps can be filled using varying cosmetic dental procedures.

Types of cosmetic dental procedures
Restoration and preventive procedures performed in cosmetic dentistry helps in enhancing personal beauty. In order for a procedure to be successful, close collaboration between a cosmetic dentist and laboratory technician is essential. In addition, patient involvement in decision making is vital as an individual must like the makeover to be done to them through the procedure. Cosmetic procedures performed in this branch of dentistry include;

  • Teeth whitening– This is a simple procedure performed to eliminate the stains present on the teeth. The dentist chooses the teeth whitening products to use depending on the nature of stains on particular patient’s teeth.
  • Dental crowns application– Dental crowns are applied on the damaged teeth to restore the shape and size of the teeth hence good appearance. In most cases, porcelain crowns are applied.
  • Veneer application– This is a cosmetic and restorative remedy for a cracked or chipped tooth. The dentist involves the patient in choosing the right material for the veneer that includes composite or porcelain.
  • Dental implant– This procedure is essential for missing tooth replacement whereby the implant is fixed on a crown to make a complete tooth.

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