Laura H.

Laura H.

The main thing I was looking for when searching for dental offices was a location near me (obviously), a dentist in my provider network, and Saturday hours. I easily located Cosmo Smiles on the website ZocDoc and was able to schedule online for a routine teeth cleaning the following Saturday at 1pm. I completed online check-in and the necessary forms and received notification they were sent to the provider's office for me so I would not need to complete any forms at the time of my visit. I received a phone call the Friday prior to my appointment asking if I would be able to switch my appointment time to 12pm as the 1pm time was not available. I'm not sure where the lapse in communication between the office and ZocDoc happened, however, I was happy to oblige as I was originally hoping for an appointment earlier than 1pm.

I arrived about 10 minutes prior to my appointment, and just had a few papers needing my signature that I signed before taking a seat in the waiting room. The front desk staff was very friendly both when checking me in and when scheduling my next appointment. The waiting room, while small as it shares the space with the front desk, was comfortable with a flat screen TV, bottled water, and a Keurig available for patient use.

The dental hygienist, Carol, was friendly, talkative, and funny. I do not particularly enjoy the dentist, but she really helped me feel more comfortable and less nervous. Dr. Kaur actually did the cleaning-which has never happened in my experience as it's usually the hygienist doing that-and I thought she did a very thorough job in both the cleaning and explaining the x-rays I had taken at the start of my visit. There is a flat screen TV in each room that serves a dual purpose; you can watch TV but also the x-rays are displayed on the screen when the doctor is discussing them with you. Another thing I appreciated that I had not experienced at my old dental office: sunglasses were provided when my teeth were being cleaned and polished due to the intensity of the overhead light.

The only caution I warn to people is that the parking lot is quite tricky as there is a BOA ATM in the same strip of businesses so this parking lot gets a lot of traffic. Since I was dropped off here, I chose to walk back to my apartment since it's less than a mile so that my ride wouldn't have to deal with the parking issue again. I definitely recommend Cosmo Smiles and I can say I've finally-after 20+ years of going to the dentist-have had a positive experience that was never nerving or uncomfortable.

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The facilities are impeccable, the staff who served me was incredibly friendly and professional, and the service was magnificent. The receptionist, assistant, and doctor all did an awesome job from start to finish! I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Cosmo Smiles Dental. Thank you so much! I'm excited to see you again.* *I'm 100% serious, coming from a person who dreads visiting the dentist.
Chester E. via ZocDoc, https://www.zocdoc.com/dentist/ajinder-kaur-dds-151252

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Overall a very pleasant dental experience. Dr. Kaur was friendly and did much of the work herself. While typically I would expect a tech to handle the cleaning and only see the dentist briefly at the end of my visit, Dr. Kauer was there for much of the exam. Parking is pretty limited but they were kind enough to refill my meter that was on the verge of expiring while I was having my cleaning done.

Jason Kent,

Great service. Easy scheduling. First impression - Beautiful white clean clinic with pleasant staff.

I have been avoiding going to dentist because of busy schedule and fear of pain, i am very happy with service I would recommend Dr. Kaur because i felt she is not one of those dentists who would give you gigantic dental care costly plans, she was honest in telling me that she cant put crown on my tooth because of less benefit to my tooth, she gave me better and alternative treatment. Dr. Kaur is quite impressive with the amount of knowledge she has about her field. She is nice and welcoming,I felt cared not just treated !!

Andrew Collins,