Why Are Root Canals Important

Dr Ajinder Kaur D.D.S.

The Root Canal is a very common tooth treatment nowadays that may have to be performed for infected teeth, a deep cavity that has reached the pulp, tooth injury or leaky fillings.

The most common cause of a person requiring a root canal is due to the pulp infection.

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The ‘pulp’ is a part of the tooth system and is present in the center of a tooth. It is made up of  nerves and blood vessels and often, due to several reasons, this pulp might get severely rotten or infected. You may be suffering from an inflamed or infected tooth.

If you are facing the following symptoms:

  • The patient a lot of pain and the patient may even refrain from having food due to the tooth pain.
  • Patient may suffer excessive pain while specifically drinking hot or cold beverages.
  • In some cases, one may even notice swelling in the gum around the infected tooth.
  • Pain in the infected tooth can occur constantly. The pain may grow even more while chewing or applying pressure on the tooth.
  • In rare cases, one may notice the formation of a pus filled abscess on the gum around the infected tooth.
  • Sometimes, the infected tooth changes its color to a darker shade so you can easily detect which tooth is causing you pain.

Such a thing must be treated as soon as possible in order to prevent the patient from losing his or her tooth. The pulp is a necessity during the days of the growth of a person’s teeth but after that, the pulp ceases to be a vital part of the tooth. Thus, the best solution for a decaying pulp is to remove it completely as its removal will not affect you.

Many people hesitate from getting a root canal, thinking of it as an extremely painful procedure but in fact, patients have stated that the pain they suffered from the infected tooth was far worse than the pain from the root canal treatment. Delaying the procedure can worsen the infection and cause further complications.

Before the beginning of the surgery, the doctor injects you with anesthesia to make the procedure almost painless for you. A dentist drill is used to create a hole on the top of the tooth and the pulp is removed. The canals are then cleaned with antibacterial agents and are filled with gutta percha in order to prevent the infection from returning and to seal the hole in the tooth made with a drill previously. A crown then restores the original tooth structure.

After the root canal treatment, one may notice swelling but this can be decreased with the help of ice or ice packs. Proper medication, which consists of antibiotics must be taken on time to prevent the infection from returning. Your doctor may also prescribe pain killers.

The root canal treatment is not dangerous or risky as it is performed by highly expert dentists. Make sure you choose the best dentist in your area to perform this surgery.

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Why Cavities Occur

Out of all the dental diseases, cavity is the most common one. You must have often seen or

heard cavity infomercials for children. This is because the major reason of cavity buildup in the teeth is due to lack of dental hygiene. Almost all adults who didn’t get a fluoride treatment, or didn’t use fluoride toothpaste when they were kids, end up with a lot of cavities in their mouth.

It takes a while for a cavity to occur and one may not even notice it until it’s too late and the cavity is too deep. Cavity causes decaying of the tooth which also leads to discoloration of the tooth sometimes, making the affected tooth a few shades darker from the rest of the teeth. Chewing food often leads to small food particles getting stuck between the teeth. Sometimes these particles are so small that you can not even notice it with the naked eye. When these food particles stay in your mouth, they slowly turn acidic and promote growth of the germs. All of this, combined with your saliva and bacteria, lead to plaque formation on the teeth. As the plaque grows, it infects the enamel and ‘eats it up’. This causes formation of a hole in the tooth. If no dental care is given to this hole, it gets deeper until it reaches the end of the tooth, near the nerve ending. This causes severe pain which affects the entire mouth.

Causes of Cavity Formation:

  • Poor dental hygiene can lead to growth of bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria may lead to all sorts of dental diseases such as gum diseases, tooth decay, cavities, etc.
  • There are a few germs always lurking in your mouth and eating food that contains too much of sugar and carbohydrates boosts the growth of these bacteria. These food products boost tooth decay.
  • The bacteria and germs produce acid which eats on your tooth’s enamel, causing a hole to develop, which is called the cavity.
  • As saliva helps in preventing growth of plaque, a person with dry mouth is more likely to suffer from tooth cavities.
  • Tooth grinding causes erosion of the top protective layer of the teeth, this makes easy for the germs to infect the teeth and cause cavities.

Preventing Formation of Cavities:

  • The easiest way for germs to spread is through saliva. Thus, it is recommended to not share cups, kitchen utensils, etc.
  • Maintain a healthy diet that doesn’t contain excess amount of sugary and fatty food items.
  • When you notice tooth pain, which specifically increases while you eat hot or cold food, follow up with a dentist immediately to treat the cavity before it spreads more and turns into an even more serious disease. Not treating even a minor cavity can end up causing you to need a root canal.
  • Brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste is recommended as fluoride kills the germs in your mouth and also stops the acids which lead to cavity.

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Why Tooth Fillings Are Important

A dental filling is a tooth restorative material used to restore the functionality and morphology of a tampered tooth structure. The loss in tooth structure can occur from number of reasons including decay, trauma or natural shape of tooth structure that compromise hygiene.

Dental Filling
Dental Filling Alexandria Dentist

The dental filling process is an integrated procedure that needs the attention of a qualified dental expert. The decayed and compromised tooth structure is removed and replaced with a filling material.
Studies indicate that most individuals need at least one filling in their lifetime. In as much as dental fillings help in the restoration of a tooth, dental fillings are also crucial because they help in preventing any further decay of the affected teeth. The dentist can apply various measures to help you decide whether you have tooth decay that needs filling. Some of these include observation, use of cavity-detecting dye, X-rays, and Laser fluorescence cavity-detection aids among others.
So what are the different types of dental filling options available?
Various types of Dental Fillings
Presently, dentists approve many materials for use as dental fillings. Some of these include gold, composite resin, ceramic/porcelain and amalgam.


    An amalgam is an alloy of silver, mercury, tin, copper, and to some extent, zinc. Mercury is main reason that these fillings are being discontinued. Though there are no studies that prove any health hazard as concentration is very minimal in amalgam filling but most practices have stopped placing mercury fillings these days.

Gold dental fillings

    Gold is the primary component of this filling. This dental filling contains an average of gold with various other metals like silver and palladium among others. As the name suggests, this is the most expensive option available when it comes to tooth filling. Those individuals who desire to have a corrosion free and tarnish resistant tooth filling should consider to getting gold fillings. Although this filling option is very expensive, it is desirable.

Ceramic tooth fillings

    Also called porcelain fillings, this tooth filling option is not attached to the tooth like composite or amalgam fillings. The material utilized in covering up tooth cavity is made in a laboratory. This being the case, ceramic is often crafted to fit the precise shape of the cavity. The material is 100% identical with the tooth, and therefore blends perfectly. The durability of porcelain makes this filling option last longer as it is cemented onto the tooth. However, one may need to eliminate a greater portion of the healthy tooth before he or she can fill an existing decay using porcelain.

Composite tooth fillers

    This tooth filling option is fast rising to become the best tooth filling option. Especially after medical advancements were made to enhance their appearance and durability. To fit this filling properly, we do not need to scrap off a wide portion of the healthy tooth. Additionally, composite fillings do not darken or corrode as metals do, as it bonds to the tooth. It is also ideal for smaller tooth cavities.

Why People Need Fillings

      • Other than tooth decay, there are many reasons as to why a dentist may find it suitable to apply dental fillings. Decay ( cavity, caries ), fractured tooth, missing tooth structure, deep grooves and sometimes natural shape of tooth are some of the reasons.Some of these often exist because of our daily poor hygienic practices. Fractured tooth may be caused by falling or unexpectedly hitting the tooth on a hard surface. The tooth may also break because of inappropriate use. We do not recommend using your tooth to open things like soda bottles, nail biting or grinding.


Small cavities can be restored with fillings. If tooth cavity or decay is not treated then tooth might need RCT, crown or possible extraction. Cavities should be fixed before they become too big to avoid any complications in future.

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Trouble chewing your food?

Lumineers dentist

Trouble chewing your food? Get best dental health solutions under one roof

You have to be extra cautious about what to eat and what not when you have dental health problems. It’s not just bad breath but something more serious that can lead to multiple health issues. Not anymore! At Cosmos Smile Dental Center, we provide best dental care to our patients of all ages.

Some of the common dental health care services offered by our best team of dentists are given below:

Teeth Whitening

Primary reasons that cause teeth staining are irregular cleaning, aging, excessive caffeine intake, smoking, and dental plague. But fortunately, there are certain methods to whiten teeth. One of the most common and cost-effective ways of teeth whitening is bleaching. You can take professional help at our clinic for sparkling white teeth. We help you to get the best results at affordable prices.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are caps that are created to fit over damaged, broken or decayed tooth. It protects the remaining tooth from further damage, and helps in saving your tooth after root canal therapy.

Our highly-trained dentists provide you with same day crowning services, using computer-aided technology. It’s a simple process. You can walk in with a decayed tooth, and walk out with a big smile.

A dental bridge is a way to replace one or more adjacent teeth. In this process, your missing teeth are replaced with artificial teeth that are attached to porcelain crowns. In a couple of sittings, our experienced dentists will help in filling gaps between your teeth and get you the perfect smile that you have always wished for.

Premium Dentures

A denture is another way to fill in vacant space created by missing teeth. Our denture experts can fix custom-fit, natural-looking dentures that look and feel like natural teeth when placed onto your jaws. These dental fixtures can bring back your chewing power. However, you need to take good care of your dentures for longevity.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a permanent way of replacing your teeth. In this process, titanium posts are placed in your jawbone to replace teeth that have been missing for years. It is a permanent restoration method to fix a crown, bridge or denture for improving overall oral health for a long term. However, your jawbone’s ability to fuse with titanium post gives this procedure 95 percent success rate. If you’re tired of visiting your dentist every second day, and looking for a permanent solution to bring back your long gone smile, then a dental implant is your best bet.


Cosmos Smile Dental offers different tooth replacement options under one roof. You might find many dentists in your area, but very few offer the best and affordable dental health solutions. We have a team of qualified and AACD accredited cosmetic dentists, who are at the ready to bring back your smile by carrying out successful dental treatments.   

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Professional Teeth Whitening in Arlington VA

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t want to have a great smile with beautiful teeth? At Cosmos Smile Dental we provide Teeth Whitening close to where you live. Our dentists aid you in achieving the look you have always dreamed of. What causes Teeth Staining?
There are various causes of dental discoloration. Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularity, while making regular dental visits teeth discoloration may still occur due to environmental factors.
Over time your teeth may become stained, especially if you consume processed foods regularly. Unnatural foods affect our teeth coloring by stripping them of their natural whiteness.
Below, here we’ll share with you the harmful things in our food and environment that cause the discoloration of your teeth.
Surface or internal stains/discoloration causes:
Extensive use of dark-colored beverages such as__ drinking cola, red wine, coffee, tea and also pigment colored food or fruits such as blueberries, cherry etc
Smoking or using tobacco
Trauma is basically a physical condition but also causes yellowish, brownish and grayish color of stains
Aging process
Extensive use of Tetracycline used in childhood
Fluoride ingesting in body extensively
Accumulation of dental plaque
Irregular cleaning

Most of us are guilty of having teeth discoloration occur due to one of the reasons mentioned above. But the good news is that there are some precautions you can take to prevent this from happening, these are:

Cut-Off harmful Foods: First of all, we’ve got to cut-off or avoid these foods as much as possible. Reduce the intake of coffee, sodas, processed foods, and drinks. Don’t smoke and reduce the intake of red wine or any pigment colored beverage.

Swirl Water Regularly: If you have consumed the harmful food, use a glass of water to swirl in your mouth regularly. This process is very helpful in order to avoid stains or acids damaging your teeth or causing discoloring.

Proper Dental Care: Proper consultation with your dentist can prevent you to face such problems and will help you to have healthy teeth for a lifetime. So brush your teeth with toothpaste and floss twice a day.

Teeth Whitening: Fortunately, there are many ways to teeth whitening from cheapest to high paid level. Bleaching teeth is a process can be done at home and by implementing our tips to prevent teeth discoloration. However, professional whitening with a laser treatment only can only be done at the dental clinic. So, before adopting any procedure you must know a little bit about our technique.

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