Dental office Arlington VA was one such place

Dental office Arlington VA

In the times of Covid, healthcare faced the most critical situations with huge crowds. And, Dental office Arlington VA was one such place. The reason for treating massive patients was due to Covid condition of oral health directly impacting the fatality rate after testing positive for the virus.

According to a study published by the Journal of Clinical Periodontology with the researchers working internationally on the impact of Covid said that, people with inflamed gums with infections led to a higher rate of complications after contracting the virus. Patients who were diagnosed with Covid-19 and infected gums faced fatal results like being admitted to ICUs.

The complications with patients affected by gum infections had 3 to 5 times more chances than the other patients to require an intensive care unit and ventilator for survival. Few dental practitioners also established their research by explaining the strong correlation between periodontitis and the impact of various other diseases.

Weak gums can lead to much worse diseases if left untreated the inflammation of the gums can rapidly spread in the overall body. Similarly, patients with gum diseases and covid together showed the symptoms of inflammations, which later resulted in severe complications where a tube was administered in the trachea for aiding the ventilation properly.

Furthermore, the study found that major patients affected in the pandemic in the second and third wave who faced severe consequences of COVID in a few countries had ill dental records.

Gum diseases like gingivitis include some symptoms like bright red and tender gums, swelling, bleeding while brushing or eating, toothache, etc. But, it is not always severe symptoms; it can be as small as bad breath, which can lead you to ignorance. So, for the preventive measures, google a Dentist near me and get the advice of a professional with an oral health update.