Dr Kaur is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. She plans and carries out each treatment meticulously. I definitely recommend this practice.

Puneet S., Arlington VA

Dr Enoch is amazing. She is both knowledgeable and professional. Every dentist should strive to be like Dr Enoch. She explains what she is doing every step of the way. I had some pretty extensive dental work done and I am happy with the results.

Neiw A

I have now had 3 dental visits at Cosmo Smiles (2 cleanings and 1 special appt). I really like the dentist I saw. I am docking a star for administrative issues. I found the office on ZocDoc even though I live walking distance from it. I liked the reviews and scheduled an 8am appointment with Dr. Kaur. I got a call back confirmation later saying they don’t offer 8am appointments, can I come in at 9? This was a weekday so wasn’t ideal, but sure, no problem. When I walk in, I had to wait a bit, and there were people who were being seen. I was confused because I thought they didn’t take appts before 9… Anyway, I got my x-rays and cleaning done and met with a dentist who wasn’t Dr. Kaur. She was nice and seemed efficient even though she said she saw no problems (yay!), so that was fine.
For my second appointment, I scheduled it 6 months in advance for 9am again. My boss’ know I’m coming into work late for a dentist appointment. I get a call at 8:15am (literally 45 minutes before my appt.) saying my appointment needs to be rescheduled because the Arlington office isn’t open on Thursdays (they called from the Alexandria office). This really irritated me because now I was going to be late to work for no reason and it was just a big waste of my time. I’m not sure why I wasn’t called prior to the day of, especially after I received a confirmation text a few days before. I guess now they are open again on Thursdays for the record.

So a couple weeks later, I go for my rescheduled appointment and had to wait a really long time. Apparently there was an accident on 66 and it made all the 8:30 appts late so everyone was being seen late. Not their fault. Have my cleaning done and the dentist comes in and it’s not Dr. Kaur and not even the same dentist that I had before. This time, it’s Dr. Enoch. I’m actually really pleased it was Dr. Enoch because I really liked her. She was very kind and comforting. She is also the only dentist I have ever had who did a check for any sort of oral cancer. She also noticed a problem with a couple of my fillings done by a prior dental office years ago. She showed me on the x-rays (from the prior visit) what the issue was. I could feel the effects in my mouth as well. I returned another couple weeks later to replace the fillings. Dr. Enoch was great the entire time. She always told me what she was going to do next (air, water, etc.). She also took steps to prevent further issues. My teeth are doing great since!
Ultimately, Dr. Enoch really impressed me and I will definitely return to see her.

Ashley G.

Dr Kaura was very kind & patient & her staff was very helpful & nice.
I am so appreciative of the care they provided.
I would say they are an exceptional office & I would definitely go back to them for my dental needs whenever I’m in VA.
(I don’t live in VA year round.)

Mercy C.

Had a solid first experience here for a cleaning and basic X-rays and ability to reschedule with a few days notice. They weren’t too crazy with trying to push extra X-rays.
Just frustrating to find out on the day of my next cleaning that my insurance isn’t accepted anymore. I call for appointments, so a rep should have been able to tell me this before the appointment was even initially made.

Eric O.

From start to finish Cosmo Smiles have been outstanding. When i first went my teeth gave me low esteem no confidence and never smiled.
Dr. Kaur changed that. Her attention to detail is first class and I would only ever go back to her for future treatment. I’m that
confident I’m happy if anyone would like to talk to me about my experience It would be my pleasure

Azeez S.

The facilities are impeccable, the staff who served me was incredibly friendly and professional, and the service was magnificent. The receptionist, assistant, and doctor all did an awesome job from start to finish! I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Cosmo Smiles Dental. Thank you so much! I’m excited to see you again.* *I’m 100% serious, coming from a person who dreads visiting the dentist.

Chester E. via ZocDoc

Google Reviews

Overall a very pleasant dental experience. Dr. Kaur was friendly and did much of the work herself. While typically I would expect a tech to handle the cleaning and only see the dentist briefly at the end of my visit, Dr. Kauer was there for much of the exam. Parking is pretty limited but they were kind enough to refill my meter that was on the verge of expiring while I was having my cleaning done.

Jason Kent,

Great service. Easy scheduling. First impression – Beautiful white clean clinic with pleasant staff.
I have been avoiding going to dentist because of busy schedule and fear of pain, i am very happy with service I would recommend Dr. Kaur because i felt she is not one of those dentists who would give you gigantic dental care costly plans, she was honest in telling me that she cant put crown on my tooth because of less benefit to my tooth, she gave me better and alternative treatment. Dr. Kaur is quite impressive with the amount of knowledge she has about her field. She is nice and welcoming,I felt cared not just treated !!

Andrew Collins

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