All you need to know about dental crowns

dental crowns

No one wants damaged and decayed teeth. Not only it looks unattractive but also hinders in chewing the food. Most people choose root canal as an option which can be expensive and painful. To deal with this issue, dental crowns are designed. These crowns act as caps for the damaged teeth. Sometimes, a complete tooth is also replaced with the crown. If you are looking for an economical and quick way of getting rid of damaged teeth, then book an appointment at Cosmo Smiles Dental for dental crown treatment.

The dental crowns are made up of porcelain and porcelain gold that make them look like natural teeth only. Wearing dental crowns makes it easy for a person to laugh and eat without any hindrance. Modern dentistry has made it possible to make tough dental crowns. This enables the people to chew and eat whatever they want to eat without worrying about the delicateness of tooth.

Natural tooth that has already suffered from damage and decay is more likely to damage further, if left untreated. Crowns form a protective layer on such tooth and save them from additional problems. The complete process can take place in one day. So, it feasible and time-saving as well. Whether you are a sportsperson or a college going teen, this can be a wonderful option of protecting the natural teeth.

If you have hairline cracks or issues with older fillings, then selecting dental crowns can be a great idea. Also, this method can provide support in root canal procedure as filling breakage can be prevented with this type of treatment. Isn’t it amazing!

Want to know more about dental crowns? Then, call at Cosmo Smiles Dental. In every step, proper help and care will be provided by the staff. Latest technology is used by the specialist to treat the teeth damage. Don’t worry about the prices as quality is assured at budget-friendly prices.

Dental Crowns Near Me

dental crowns

Cosmetic dentistry has given a huge number of individuals the gift of an ideal smile. Whether your teeth are screwy, gapped, stained, recolored, chipped, or even missing, there is a cosmetic dentistry strategy that can help. What’s more, a smile is about more than insignificant vanity; it passes on to the world how you feel about yourself. Having healthy teeth and gums implies that you can talk, chuckle and eat without dread, and feeling content with the manner in which you present yourself to the world can have an enormous effect in your general joy. But before you can acquire the smile you had always wanted, you have to find an incredible Arlington VA dentist. Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747.


dental crowns


Unappealing teeth don’t just look awful; however, these likewise negatively affect the certainty and confidence of individuals. In this circumstance, looking for cosmetic dental treatment can be useful to recover the teeth on the shape. The dental veneer is a famous decision of cosmetic dental treatment. How about we get a few insights concerning this treatment:

Reasons why individuals settle on dental veneer

One of the fundamental reasons why individuals decide on the dental veneer is that these accompany a relatively long life expectancy. A dental procedure like tooth whitening is just fit for having a transient effect on the teeth’ appearance and thusly it is an absolute necessity to rehash that procedure routinely for encountering the improvement.

  • The best thing about the veneer is that these don’t settle on the tooth or gum health.
  • Actually, a veneer is useful in drawing out the life of the tooth by offering a much-required protection layer.
  • Another extraordinary thing about dental veneers Arlington VA treatment is that it is non-obtrusive and effortless.

Dental Crown Procedure

To start with, the dentists start by applying local anesthetic near to the tooth that requires a crown. Even if you’ve had a root canal and the nerve endings in that tooth are dead it could be said, the dentist will at present utilize a sedative. The instruments used to get the crown set up come to near the gum disease tissue making anesthetic necessary.

Subsequent to numbing your gum, the dentist then creates the dental crown utilizing the curves of your maxillary and mandibular arches. This is a significant step because the dental crowns Crystal City must match your dental structure to the most noteworthy degree.

The dentist continues to set up your tooth for the crown. This includes chipping endlessly exact measures of the tooth and feeling material from the tooth. If tooth rot is found during this procedure, the rot is expelled, and a composite score is put on the tooth. The crown is then positioned, in this way your new tooth.

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Dental Crown Facts

Dental crowns are designed to suit individual size and shape of teeth. Wondering what is a dental crown? Well, it is a tooth shaped cap designed to protect the tooth while restoring its size, strength and shape. This cap is placed on the tooth and cemented right from the gum lining of the tooth. Crown application is one of teeth protective procedures performed in cosmetic dentistry. They are highly recommended to provide extra support for relatively damaged teeth or cover teeth with uneven sharp edges among other dental flaws. However, the crown should be chosen keenly in order to suit the color of the teeth for aesthetic purposes. Below are some facts about crowns that you need to know for an informed decision when speaking with your dental professional;

Benefits of dental crowns

Application of dental crowns on teeth with varying dental flaws brings both health and aesthetic benefits. When a crown procedure is performed, the affected teeth are restored and their appearance enhanced. Here are some reasons for considering this particular procedure;

  • Weak tooth protection– The crown is placed on a tooth badly damaged by decay or by cracks. This protects the tooth from further weakening that can lead to breaking hence tooth loss.
  • Protect the tooth after filling– A severely decayed tooth may require a large amount of filling to hold in place the remaining small piece. A crown is placed on the tooth after the filling procedure to secure it.
  • To cover flawed teeth– crowns are applied to cover teeth with flaws such as unevenly shaped or severely stained teeth. In this case, the caps add aesthetic value giving an individual freedom to smile.
  • Tooth protection after a major procedure– Application of crowns on teeth that have undergone major dental procedures is essential. Crown procedure is highly recommended after a tooth implant or root canal treatment among other major procedures.
  • Hold a tooth bridge in place– A tooth bridge is prone to pressure from the neighboring teeth during the chewing process. A crown acts as a tooth bridge anchor, hence keeping it from moving.
  • Child teeth protection– It is difficult for young children to maintain the required oral hygiene that may lead to massive teeth decay and other oral health issues. Crowns help in protecting the teeth from decay.

Types of dental crowns
Different types of dental crowns are available to suit the taste and financial muscle of every individual in need of the procedure. However, it is advisable to consult your dentist in order to make an informed decision. The following are the varieties for you to choose from;

  • Metal crowns- Dental caps derived from metal materials such as gold and alloys are present in the clinics. Metal caps resist biting and chewing pressure hence lasting longer.
  • Stainless steel crowns- These are prefabricated dental caps normally applied on the teeth as a temporary measure. They are the best choice for children waiting for the growth of permanent teeth.
  • All resin crowns- They are less expensive but prone to cracking hence getting worn easily.
  • Porcelain crowns- These dental caps are a right fit for people who are allergic to metallic materials.
  • Milled crowns- They are produced using digital software and hardware. No impression is required for this type of crowns.

Side effects of dental crowns procedure
Just like any medical procedure, application of dental crowns has side effects. However, constant communication with your dentist helps in early detection of the risks and preventing or handling them effectively. One may experience the following risks;

  • Tooth decay if the dental cap is not well cemented.
  • Infection
  • Shifting of the fixed crown
  • Allergic reaction to the materials used to make the crown.

Dental Crowns are the effective, affordable and safe solution to your teeth problems.

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