Services Offered by General Dentists

General Dentists

General dentistry involves prevention of oral diseases. These dentists provide dental care services for all age groups. You can visit them for dental implant, cosmetic procedures and routine check-ups. They are not dedicated to a specific treatment, but offer a wide range of services. Let’s understand the services that are offered under general dentistry.

Preventive Services: These services involve regular examinations to ensure prevention of diseases that may develop in the mouth. Teeth-cleaning and using sealants can be considered as some practices that can prevent any kind of potential issues that may harm oral hygiene. It can be done with help of diagnostic tool like X-ray.
Restorative Services: In this service, the general dentist tries to restore the problem as soon as it is found. Problems such as gum problems and missing tooth can be diagnosed and resolved under the general dentistry. Some of the advanced treatments meant for restoration are root canal therapy, dental implant and orthodontics.

Cosmetic Procedures: Just like make up makes your face look flawless, in the same way the cosmetic procedures make your smile look flawless. There are different types of treatments involved in the cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers.

Overall Health Issues: Your oral health and overall body health are inter-related. If you don’t treat an oral infection on time, it may lead to various problems like out of control diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and complications during pregnancy. General dentists are responsible for identifying any issues related to oral health and body health in order to provide solution. They also provide a nutrition chart and general information about health and wellness.

To get assistance from experts in general dentistry, you may always trust Cosmo Smiles Dental. Various services such as Dental implants and cosmetic procedures are provided at quite cost-effective prices.

Identify Why General Dentistry is so much important?

Identify Why General Dentistry is so much important?

A better day can always start with a smile and yet some people still avoid the basic dental care that does not only damage the teeth but it can cause the difference in the appearance of teeth, oral cavity, tooth decay, and all. And if this describes you, then you definitely need a professional like us. When you choose us, you will realize that our General dentistry services are much more reliable and painless. Our high-tech professional dentist at Cosmos Smiles Dental can diagnose, evaluate, and manage your oral health with utmost care & precautions. We provide all General Dentistry services in Arlington, VA 22202 including placement and restoration, full or partial denture, Complete X-ray, dental cleaning, filling root canals, extractions, and periodontal therapy too. These services will help to stop the disease before it damages your teeth. General dentists not only focus on the general aspect of oral care but it covers all the related services that are significant to your health. Apart from the above services, general dentistry can cover treatment if you have a loosened, broken, or knocked-out tooth. Our advanced treatment makes this whole process less-painful, reliable, and a greater smile that you have ever imagined of. Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747.

Identify Why General Dentistry is so much important?

Dentist Near me

Despite having so many dentists outside, Dr. Kaur is known for her extreme knowledge, expertise, and for her friendly nature. She strictly follows preventive measures for infection control and is compassionate to provide quality dental treatment to all the patients just to restore their forever smile and for good health. Of-course you deserve a sparkling smile, so just reach out to her. She’s hardly a 4-minute walk away from Crystal city metro station so hurry and experience the world’s best services. So keep your smile stunning and healthy with us. Whether you are looking for a humble check-up or improving your smile through cosmetic dentistry and tooth brightening, we are here to assist you with the entirety of your dental needs. Contact Cosmo Smiles Dental to get free online consultation! Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747.

Cosmetic Dentist Needs a Good Understanding of General Dentistry

Losing a tooth can necessarily disturb your satisfaction, making some trouble in ordinary activities like eating and talking. Although modern dental healing procedures have brought about a significant decrease in the number of teeth extracted every year, numerous individuals, despite everything, have at least one missing regular teeth in their mouths. If you are one of them and searching for a permanent and long-lasting replacement alternative for a missing tooth, then dental implants ought to be your first decision! Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747..
How Do Dental Implants Work?

The success and brilliant durability of implantis reliant upon their ability to frame direct contact with the surrounding jaw bone. This procedure is known as Osseointegration and ensures that any prosthesis that is set over the implant stays engaged and stable, accordingly functioning the ideal working of the artificial tooth.

General dentistry incorporates a wide range of oral care. It starts with a dental examination, which then prompts dental cleanings and whatever other treatment that might be important to stay aware of your oral health. General dentistry permits your doctor to recognize any oral health issues that may cause harms in the future. Treatment, if necessary, can be begun early, so the issue doesn’t escape hand. This is the most significant advantage of cosmetic & general dentistry. Aside from keeping up your oral health, general professional dentistry offers other indirect benefits also. Regular oral check-ups guarantees that your dental costs under control. Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747..

Braces Fast and Easy

Crooked teeth are ordinarily fixed and aligned with braces. A pair of squeezes teeth, compelling them to move into the correct position. With Fast braces, an invention of dental innovation, repositioning teeth can take weeks or months rather than years. It’s a safe and inexpensive option for patients.
Fast braces are triangular, not square-shaped like traditional braces. This expands the space between each brace. With more distance, the development of teeth happens at a quicker rate. Just one wire is required, and extractions are once in a while essential.

Fast braces will protect your natural bite and prevent oral health problems, for example, teeth rot and gum sickness. When the braces are expelled, the treatment is complete, and you’ll be appreciating a beautiful smile for the rest of your life. Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747. Please contact us Cosmo Smiles Dental team today! and


A straight and beautiful smile is naturally one of the best accessories anyone can wear. Straighter teeth tend to be healthier and look more appealing. and better. While some are able to maintain such smiles, others fail to do so with increasing dental problems and teeth decaying. However, A general dentist can save you from all these troubles just by recommending changes that your teeth might need. A similar role is played by Cosmo Smiles Dental also, a General Dentistry located in Arlington VA. Backed by modern technology and professional Dentures Service experts, they aim at achieving the best results possible. With dedication, tenacity and utmost professionalism, their smile makeovers are made to match any budget. Consult with Dr. Kaur for dental treatment.

The Doctors

Qualified as a Doctor of Dental Surgery from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2006, she provides top-notch dental care to all her patients.

Dr Sheila Mazhari
Having completed about 200 continuing education hours in all aspects of dentistry, she is extremely passionate about providing top-quality dental care to her patients.

Dr Ajinder Kaur
She offers a full scope of general, surgical and cosmetic dentistry ranging from porcelain veneers, Root Canals, Invisalign to dental implants, bleaching and crowns.

Why Choose Them?
Doctors working at Cosmo Smiles are known for working closely with their patients to create a personalized treatment plan that works with their lifestyle and budget. They aim at leaving no stone unturned to alleviate the suffering of patients.

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Tooth Sealants in Arlington
Tooth Sealants in Arlington

Cosmo Smiles Dental take care of all of your needs and leaves you stress-free with their dedicated team. These professional tooth sealants in Arlington VA aims to ensure that you receive honest, quality care in an environment where you feel respected and acknowledged. Their patients’ kind words are the central driving force behind their steadfast commitment to providing exceptional dental care – every day!
They never want you to settle for second-best! For appointments and inquiries about dentures cost simply Call us: (571) 210 4747. . and