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Tooth loss can happen to anyone of any age. Dealing with the negative effects of such an undesirable situation is not easy, and can become even more painful when the correct dental implants experts are not chosen. Fortunately, Cosmo Smiles Dental makes it easy and convenient to take care of this trouble professionally.

What To Expect In A Procedure

How your dentist is going to execute the procedure successfully relies on the kind of implant you’ll require. That is why understanding the procedure and the steps behind it is a crucial part of the treatment. A patient must be aware of the treatment they’ll be getting, and the below-listed points might help you in gaining a better insight into it:

  • Initial Evaluation – A comprehensive examination by your dentist will be done before initiating the treatment. Best done to determine the patient’s jawbone condition, this initial evaluation will involve a series of steps including X-rays, taking impressions, and making the implant look natural.
  • Tooth Extraction – If you still have a remaining tooth that needs replacing, your dentist will then eliminate the tooth that needs to be replaced. Before the treatment begins, this step is necessary and can be performed at the same time as the insertion of your implant.
  • Inserting the Dental Implant – If your current jawbone is strong and thick enough for supporting your chewing, no extra bone will be carried and the implant will be added directly by the surgeon. On the other hand, the same might not happen when your gums turn out to be weak.
  • Abutment Placement – Abutment is a piece that connects the teeth’s implant with the crown added by the dentist. This piece is required to be firm and strongly tightened to avoid its movement while you’re eating.
  • Adding the Permanent Crown – This step takes place once your gums heal completely from the changes made to them. In this, your dentist will form your artificial tooth or crown and fix it.

Are you looking for professional dental implant treatment? Make sure you consult Cosmo Smiles Dental Care and gain a better insight into your treatment before making any decision. We’ll be happy to help.

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