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Taking care and avoiding tips when you’re filling or removing your tooth

Taking care and avoiding tips when you’re filling or removing your tooth

Dental care plays the most important role in maintaining your smile. Every type of dental care has do’s and don’ts. Especially when it comes to Teeth Removal. Along with it, if you have recently removed the decayed tooth or got a Tooth Fillings Washington DC. Here are some tips to take care of your teeth and things that you must avoid.

Tips for Taking Care –

  • After the removal of any tooth or dental filling you must avoid chewing from the area of your fillings.
  • When it comes to Wisdom Teeth Removal Arlington VA, use ice packs for 24-48 hours on the place of swelling. Ice packs reduce the swelling and the pain as well.
  • Properly take the medications as prescribed, don’t skip it in any case.
  • Gently exercise your jaws by opening and closing your mouth.
  • Consume fluids as much as possible because the hard food might be hard to chew for some time.
  • Always go for a soft diet, take time before transitioning to hard food.
  •  Only go for the food that is strong or hard after considering and taking advice from your dentist.
  • You should skip brushing or even if you want to avoid touching the freshly filled or area of surgery from the bristles of your brush. It might be soft to touch, but the filling or removal site is comparatively sensitive.

Avoid these –

  • Eating or chewing solid food can increase the chance of worsening the pain or swelling.
  • Even if a tiny piece of your food gets stuck in the fresh fillings or the removed tooth’s place, it can increase the chance of infections.
  • Don’t overdo taking the medications, painkillers might have sedatives to tame the level of pain. But, overdoing it can increase the problems like drowsiness or more.
  • Avoid straws or small food like popcorn, chips etc.

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