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3 Reasons Causing Tooth Pain

3 Reasons Causing Tooth Pain

Every pain acts as a sensory trigger that signals the body of something bad is about to happen or taking place. This pain can be severe or even a minor one, and the same with dental pain. Reach out to our Dentists in Arlington VA if you are going through the below-mentioned causes:

1. Tooth Sensitivity
The excruciating pain lingering while consuming anything hot or cold is sensitivity. It could be caused due to tooth decay or cavity, loose tooth filling, root exposed due to scratch or abrasive gums, and even if you had any dental treatment. To overcome this situation you should use sensitivity toothpaste and ointments provided by your Arlington VA dentist. In the case of dental treatment, the pain will fade away in a few days or weeks, and to avoid the discomfort, you can take prescribed over the counter pain killers. Brush twice a day and keep the gums and teeth away from microbial plaque.

2. Intense Discomfort while Chewing
Tooth decay or cracked tooth and loose filling can be one of the reasons for sharp pain while chewing. These issues can be resolved by our dentists in Arlington by removing the decay or filling the gaps and cavities and protecting the root canal.

3. Sinus or Tooth Clenching
Such kind of pain is related to the sinus cavity as your upper back teeth share the same nerve with them. Nevertheless, the other reasons could also be you have been gritting your jaw or grinding your teeth frequently. In both aspects, you should report to your dentist before it becomes a nightmare.
These are the major factors leading to dental pain so visit your dentists before it becomes severe!

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