Tips when you choosing a good dentist for dental care

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Choosing a good dentist can be tricky. After seeing the problem, we have come up with the best tips for you to choose a Dentist in Arlington VA. While choosing these tips can act as the most helpful guide for you. Among dozens of practitioners who should you choose, we have covered your hassle up.

Convenience – While choosing a dentist make sure you check if taking the appointment is convenient for you and your child (if any). The distance of your dentist can be near your office or school of your child. Also, consider the office hours of your dentist. Choosing a dentist who could adjust your appointment according to needs and working hours, e.g. at weekends or off hours.

  1. Emergency services – Before choosing a dentist, you should always opt for those dentists, who are good at handling emergencies. A reliable dentist is the best option, so in case of any emergencies you must opt for a dentist who has experience with it.
  2. Experience – Always check the certificates your dentist is qualified with. Know about them in detail, like he specializes in which area? And, one of the most important from how long he has been practicing. Knowing about his experience is a must.
  3. Insurance – When it comes to dental care, you should know that you can claim insurance there too. If you are looking to make the appointment more convenient, you can check it in their office. That, if they can allow the claims or not.
  4. Cleanliness – This is one of the most undervalued yet invaluable things. Understand how much cleanliness and organized things mean when it comes to maintaining hygiene. If you are looking for an efficient Dentist in Washington DC, safety is utmost important. Uncleaned gloves, syringes, and other tools can cause highly infectious diseases which can worsen the situation.

What is Difference Between General and Cosmetic Dentist?

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People often confuse Cosmetic Dentist Crystal City with the general dentists. While going for a check an individual should have an idea about the difference between a Cosmetic Dentist and any other types of dentist. In case of severe problems going for a specific dentist will save a lot of time and also from worsening your situation or infection.

Dentists are of multiple types some are specialized for the surgeries, some for the teeth straightening, and there so much more.

The basic difference between general dentist and cosmetic dentist are –

  • Training of the cosmetic dentist is rather extensive and includes tons of procedures than the general dentistry. The training of a cosmetic dentist is more focused on solving the problems that hinder in making your smile aesthetic whereas the general dentists are rather good at general procedures.
  • General dentists can usually complete their graduation or so, but the cosmetic dentists need to attend several programs and also get the certification of advanced courses in the specific areas.
  • Cosmetic dentists are specialized in taking care of your smile and the appearance of your teeth. Usually, they deal in teeth whitening, veneers, total smile makeovers, etc. whereas the general dentist is rather focused on oral health, cleaning and examining your teeth. But, they can also perform dentures, extractions, gum disease treatments, etc.
  • The prices are mostly dependent on your requirement and the level of criticality of the situation. However, when it comes to cosmetic dentists they can charge higher than a general dentist. Because of their extensive and specialized training.
  • You can decide on choosing between the general and cosmetic dentist, by first understanding the problems. If you are looking for some emergency dental care like tooth decay or tooth removal, go for a general dentist. And, if you want to go for teeth whitening, then a cosmetic dentist Arlington VA is the best option.

What to do what not to do in dental implants?

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In case you feel under confident because of any crooked or decayed teeth, go for Dental Implants. In the modern days, people are going for implants but the common problem that is being faced by the patients is taking care of the fresh Dental Implants Alexandria. If you have similar doubts follow the guide, we have covered the dos and don’ts of the implants.

Do’s –

  • Sugary and gums that could stick on the implants shall be avoided.
  • Floss either waterpik or unwaxed can be used, using these is extremely useful unless your mouth can get prone to gingivitis and bleeding.
  • Consuming liquid energy drinks or juices to make sure you are getting enough protein. As in the case of implants, eating hard food can be a problem and painful.
  • If you still want to eat something, you can go for soft food like soups, mashed sweet potatoes, milkshakes, etc. these are good options for a soft diet, you can also consider yogurt.
  • Visit the clinic as advised by your dentist, and inform the dentist if you feel pain that becomes unbearable or any patches of infection.

Don’ts –

  • Chewing hard, sharp and small pieces of food, like corn, chewing gum, candies, etc.
  • Don’t try to use your teeth for a while to open cans, bottles, etc. until your surgery is healed,
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited after the implants.
  • Don’t go for straws, forks and use any things that can harm the fresh cuts or stitches in your mouth.
  • Brushing your teeth, you should also avoid any toothpaste that has baking soda, charcoal or any such activated ingredient for teeth whitening.

When it comes to Dental Implants Arlington VA, after a successful surgery. The essential part is to take care of it. Hence, if you have recently undergone any such surgery. Don’t forget to follow these guidelines for maintaining your beautiful smile and preventing any infections.



Missing & damaged teeth are trouble commonly found these days. Due to this, people may hesitate to flaunt their natural smile or may find it difficult to eat the food of their desire. With dental implants & prosthetic solutions, these challenges can be put to rest. With the same feel & function of the real thing, dental implants are just one of several reconstructive options that carry valuable health and aesthetic advantage over other techniques.

Here at Cosmo Smiles Dental, our team of skilled dentists helps you regain what’s missing as quickly as possible, through this aesthetically pleasing solution of implants. We have been performing the task of successful replacement of missing teeth for years now to boost your self-image and bring back that confidence that went missing with the healthy teeth. Our experts are specialized in restoring single, multiple and full jaw Missing teeth

How Long Does a Dental Implant Procedure Take?

If you’re wondering if getting a dental implant surgery, you should have at least a rough idea of the time it will be taking before you even schedule it.

Like the majority of procedures, the time required by dental implant treatment to complete, that is right from your first appointment to your recovery stage, highly varies and depends entirely on the patient. Factors like your overall oral health, bone strength, need for tooth extractions, and more play an important role in determining this.

How Long Do Teeth Implants Last?

Looking after your dental implants through routine checkups, scheduled cleanings and overall home care are vital to a dental implant life. Since every patient’s oral health is different, the life of your dental implants will depend upon the care, your past medical records, and the lifestyle choices you make during your recovery stage.

Some things guaranteeing their protection include:

  • Practice good oral hygiene
  • Visit your dentist routinely
  • Avoid damaging habits

Cosmo Smiles Dental is on track to achieve what’s best for the clients. Our exhaustive research, detailed diagnosis, comprehensive testing of solutions, and clinical studies prove our excellence maintained in the field. Contact us today to discover more about our dental solutions like implants.


Lumineers Dental Cost Arlington

When dental decay threatens a tooth’s structural strength, a filling becomes an optimal solution to restore its natural integrity and maintain its proper functioning. The procedure that claims to recover the damaged tooth, works through the removal of decay, tooth shaping, polishing, etc. Since the problem of tooth decay still remains as one of the most prevalent chronic diseases, its filling has become a common part of the practice.

One such dental clinic delivering the same solutions of Tooth Fillings in Arlington VA is Cosmo Smiles Dental Clinic, your honest partner to healthy & happy gums. With an exceptional combination of professional staff and modern technologies, the clinic strives to educate, motivate, and promote regular preventive care so that clients are able to enjoy the healthy teeth and beautiful smile that they deserve.

Different Types Of Dental Fillings

While traditional dental materials have survived the test of time, recent advances in the dental industry have opened doors to a much more expansive and improved selection of restorative choices. Apart from offering strength and durability, these advanced filling materials have created a mark due to several other positive factors. Some of these fillings include:

Composite Fillings

This cosmetically pleasing alternative to traditional fillings is an amalgamation of biocompatible resins and glass-like filler materials that become strong and long-lasting when set.

Silver Fillings 

This traditional method is a result of strong, durable materials that are less likely to break or wear down.

Glass Ionomers

By giving a tight seal between the tooth and surrounding oral environment, this solution’s poor wear-resistant properties make them suitable for treating baby teeth, cavities near the gum line, and in temporary fillings.

Gold Fillings

This expensive yet excellent restoration filling is another strong and durable solution that remains stable over time due to its extraordinary physical and chemical properties.

Ceramic Fillings

Fabricated from the highest quality of dental porcelain and ceramics, these fillings are known for their stain and wear-resistant free properties that are attractive and long-lasting.

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