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What is Difference Between General and Cosmetic Dentist?

What is Difference Between General and Cosmetic Dentist?

People often confuse Cosmetic Dentist Crystal City with the general dentists. While going for a check an individual should have an idea about the difference between a Cosmetic Dentist and any other types of dentist. In case of severe problems going for a specific dentist will save a lot of time and also from worsening your situation or infection.

Dentists are of multiple types some are specialized for the surgeries, some for the teeth straightening, and there so much more.

The basic difference between general dentist and cosmetic dentist are –

  • Training of the cosmetic dentist is rather extensive and includes tons of procedures than the general dentistry. The training of a cosmetic dentist is more focused on solving the problems that hinder in making your smile aesthetic whereas the general dentists are rather good at general procedures.
  • General dentists can usually complete their graduation or so, but the cosmetic dentists need to attend several programs and also get the certification of advanced courses in the specific areas.
  • Cosmetic dentists are specialized in taking care of your smile and the appearance of your teeth. Usually, they deal in teeth whitening, veneers, total smile makeovers, etc. whereas the general dentist is rather focused on oral health, cleaning and examining your teeth. But, they can also perform dentures, extractions, gum disease treatments, etc.
  • The prices are mostly dependent on your requirement and the level of criticality of the situation. However, when it comes to cosmetic dentists they can charge higher than a general dentist. Because of their extensive and specialized training.
  • You can decide on choosing between the general and cosmetic dentist, by first understanding the problems. If you are looking for some emergency dental care like tooth decay or tooth removal, go for a general dentist. And, if you want to go for teeth whitening, then a cosmetic dentist Arlington VA is the best option.

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