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Professional Teeth Whitening in Arlington VA

Professional Teeth Whitening in Arlington VA

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t want to have a great smile with beautiful teeth? At Cosmos Smile Dental we provide Teeth Whitening close to where you live. Our dentists aid you in achieving the look you have always dreamed of. What causes Teeth Staining?
There are various causes of dental discoloration. Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularity, while making regular dental visits teeth discoloration may still occur due to environmental factors.
Over time your teeth may become stained, especially if you consume processed foods regularly. Unnatural foods affect our teeth coloring by stripping them of their natural whiteness.
Below, here we’ll share with you the harmful things in our food and environment that cause the discoloration of your teeth.
Surface or internal stains/discoloration causes:
Extensive use of dark-colored beverages such as__ drinking cola, red wine, coffee, tea and also pigment colored food or fruits such as blueberries, cherry etc
Smoking or using tobacco
Trauma is basically a physical condition but also causes yellowish, brownish and grayish color of stains
Aging process
Extensive use of Tetracycline used in childhood
Fluoride ingesting in body extensively
Accumulation of dental plaque
Irregular cleaning

Most of us are guilty of having teeth discoloration occur due to one of the reasons mentioned above. But the good news is that there are some precautions you can take to prevent this from happening, these are:

Cut-Off harmful Foods: First of all, we’ve got to cut-off or avoid these foods as much as possible. Reduce the intake of coffee, sodas, processed foods, and drinks. Don’t smoke and reduce the intake of red wine or any pigment colored beverage.

Swirl Water Regularly: If you have consumed the harmful food, use a glass of water to swirl in your mouth regularly. This process is very helpful in order to avoid stains or acids damaging your teeth or causing discoloring.

Proper Dental Care: Proper consultation with your dentist can prevent you to face such problems and will help you to have healthy teeth for a lifetime. So brush your teeth with toothpaste and floss twice a day.

Teeth Whitening: Fortunately, there are many ways to teeth whitening from cheapest to high paid level. Bleaching teeth is a process can be done at home and by implementing our tips to prevent teeth discoloration. However, professional whitening with a laser treatment only can only be done at the dental clinic. So, before adopting any procedure you must know a little bit about our technique.

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