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COVID Ready to Ensure the Needs of Our Dental Patients

COVID Ready to Ensure the Needs of Our Dental Patients

It’s a saying that teeth says about your personality. They are very important for all of us, for some they can be for a good picture, a good smile, for their proper digestion. In our day-to-day life, they have many roles, so they deserve good to take care of. It is necessary to follow the basic guidelines that are provided by every dentist like brushing teeth twice a day, avoid intake of sweet hard substances, and junk food. But for some reason, if pain causes to our teeth our gums, we generally ignore this rather than to see a dentist. This stage is alarming a small pain can also lead to decay and rotting of teeth. Here, we suggest a routine checkup if something is bothering in your mouth. We are your smile experts dentist in Arlington and Washington and now COVID ready to ensure the needs of our patients. Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747.

Ready for covid19

We have all the necessary dental services at one place from replacing teeth, misalignment to dental implants. We have always a tailor-made solution for you all.

Tooth removal

This whole extraction process is very clear, our expert Dr. Kaur will determine the need for removal. It can be for any reason it might have decayed, or broken and have periodontal disease. In this whole process, we make sure that the removal of toot doesn’t lead any further problems while chewing food.

Invisalign braces 

These are clear aligners made up of smooth virtually invisible plastic that gives you the freedom to eat anytime, they are complete removal and are super comfortable to teens and adults. They slowly move the teeth and fix them into an appropriate position.


Having missing teeth can result in sagging of facial muscles and can form an inappropriate shape of your face. In this case, dentures can fix your missing teeth and restore your old smile. They are super comfortable to elders and comes in two types:

Immediate– it is removable and inserted on the same day when the remaining teeth are removed.

Overdenture– in this not all the teeth are removed only a small denture is prepared while others are naturally fixed to their places.

This is not just we have many other services like a dental crown, filling restoration that ensures a flawless smile that you never ever want to hide. With the experience of many years, we have gained the trust of many happy patients. We are just a quick phone call or one convenient stop away from beautiful, healthy smiles. For appointments and inquiries about our veneers, Invisalign, dental implants, and other general and pediatric dentistry services, Simply Call at : (571) 210 4747. Online bookings are also available.

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