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Dentures from Cosmo Smiles Dental

Dentures from Cosmo Smiles Dental

We all love to flaunt a beautiful smile and eat our favorite food stuff. But due to natural body process and unfortunate circumstances many people lose their teeth. To deal with such problem, dentists recommend the patients to get dentures. Basically, they are artificial teeth and gum that fit perfectly in the mouth and work like natural teeth.

If you want old smile back, then get the dentures treatment done by the experts. Cosmo Smiles Dental is a reliable place for all the treatments and solutions for dental health. Team of experienced dentist and staff ensure that the patient gets a long lasting solution without facing much difficulty.

There are three different types of dentures that are suggested to patients according to their oral health and requirement. Conventional dentures are fully removable. In this treatment, all the teeth are removed and then a denture is created and placed in the mouth. The healing process of the tissues may need a long time. This process is suitable for those who have enough time to wait for this healing process.

If you don’t have much time and need a quick fix, then getting an immediate denture can be a solution. In this process the teeth are detached and the removable denture is placed on the same day. Both the above discussed methods require the complete removal of teeth.

However, there is a third method over-denture in which some of the natural teeth are not removed. Teeth are left in the mouth to provide strength and hold up to the jawbone. Denture is prepared only for the parts where the teeth are not available.

There are certain things to be taken care of by the patients after getting the denture. Every day brushing of the artificial teeth and cleaning of tongue and gums is important. They must be removed before sleeping to prevent any damage. Dentures are not as strong as natural teeth so, they should be kept properly. So, book the appointment at Cosmo Smiles Dental and get the treatment at affordable prices.

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