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Tooth Removal Procedure

Tooth Removal Procedure

When a tooth starts to decay, or some other disease related to tooth develops, it becomes essential to consider tooth removal. Dental problems generally arise due to hereditary factor, poor oral hygiene and bad lifestyle choices. The extraction of tooth may involve some of the complications like jaw point disturbance and chewing problem. If you want to prevent such complications, then it is a must to consult the best dentist in town. Dr. Kaur from Cosmo Smiles Dental has rich experience in tooth removal and ensures that patients don’t find any trouble after extraction.

What process is followed in tooth removal?

The process of tooth removal starts with the use of anesthesia. It is used to numb the area surrounding the tooth. In this process, some pressure is applied to expand the socket and pull the tooth out of the socket in the jaw. Don’t worry about the pain as anesthesia won’t let you feel it. In some cases, it might not be possible to remove the tooth easily. For such situations, a procedure known as sectioning is considered. The tooth is divided and cut into different sections. This makes the complete process of tooth removal a bit convenient and painless for the patient.

Some benefits of tooth removal

There are several benefits associated with this treatment. Patients can get rid of the decayed and damaged tooth which has the capability to spread the infection to other teeth. Even any disease inculcating in the gum can be treated after removing the tooth. Sometimes, people undergo the tooth removal procedure to get relief from tooth misalignment and overcrowding.

If you are experiencing any problem in the tooth and want the tooth to be removed, then contact Cosmo Dental Smiles. Get the suggestions by experts about tooth removal process and other alternative treatment options at pocket-friendly prices.


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