Why should you choose Fast braces?

Why should you choose Fast braces?

Misaligned teeth can be a serious cause of distress among teenagers. Most popular way to correct the position of teeth is the fast braces method. Many people resist from having braces as having traditional braces is painful and takes long time to treat the misalignment. To resolve these problems, the advanced method of fastbraces evolved.

Key benefits of fastbraces

Treatment time is less

The fastbraces look similar to the traditional metal braces in appearance, but it takes less time to straighten the teeth. Within three months after fixing these braces, the results start to appear. Normally braces may take up to 2 years to show complete results. So, get fastbraces and leave the worries of longer treatment time.


Patients who have undergone the fastbraces treatment have not complained about severe pain. There is no need to take medication for pain after this treatment. For children, this can be a more convenient option. Also, the dentist at Cosmo Smiles Dental uses the proficiency to fix fastbraces without leaving any loophole.

Cleaning can be done easily

Brackets of these braces are small and facilities better cleaning and flossing. You can easily brush the teeth and maintain oral hygiene. Stubborn issues such as staining and gum infection can also be tackled with these braces. Smaller brackets and flexible wire adds to the comfort of the patient.

So, if you are planning to get a treatment for uneven teeth, then go ahead with the fastbraces. It has several advantages over the traditional braces. Right from better appearance to painless procedure, there are many reasons for choosing this treatment.

Without any delay, you must book an appointment with Cosmo Smiles Dental to get an effective treatment as early as possible. Don’t think much about the cost, as the fastbraces procedure is cost-effective. Experienced dentist ensure that every patient goes back home with a smile on face.

Reliable Dentist in VA

Reliable Dentist in VA

Consultation from experts can solve any problem. Especially, when suffering from problems related to teeth and gum, it becomes essential to take treatment from an experienced dentist in VA. If you have been searching for a clinic to get the treatment done, then Cosmo Smiles Dental is an ideal choice.

The team of dentists and staff is headed by Dr. Ajinder Kaur, D.D.S. Many treatments from advanced dentistry are offered by the clinic. Right from the infrastructure to superior technology, you will be amazed with the environment at Cosmo Smiles Dental.

You can get quality service from a certified dentist in VA without spending tons of money. Different types of treatments include dental bridges, fast braces, veneers, Invisalign, dental sealant, and root canal. Whether you want to get rid of the dental pain or crooked and misaligned teeth, almost all the treatments are offered by Cosmo Smiles Dental.

The team works to match the expectations of the patients in terms of convenience, pricing, quality, appearance, etc. Being proficient in both surgical and cosmetic treatments, the clinic ensures that the patient is given complete care and attention.

As a patient, you must follow the prescription by the dentist and visit the clinic on scheduled dates to ensure complete recovery. Dr. Kaur is expert in her field and has proven her expertise many times. By getting the treatment from Cosmo Smiles Dental, you will surely not regret the decision.

Problems in different people may arise due to different reasons. Some patients don’t follow good oral hygiene and some may have hereditary issue. Also, some may have crooked teeth and some may have cavity. The dentist in VA diagnoses the problem and suggests the most effective, budget-friendly and fast possible treatment.

In the nut shell, Cosmo Smiles Dental is the best place to get the treatments done by the reliable dentist in VA. So, book an appointment and get ready to flaunt a bright smile.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Chipped and broken tooth can be embarrassing when you are going for a job interview or party. To deal with such problem, there is an effective solution known as dental veneers. Being one of the most popular procedures of cosmetic dentistry, veneers are preferred by many people. Dr. Kaur at Cosmo Smiles Dental is an expert for this treatment and you must book an appointment with her to get the consultation.

Veneer is basically a cap that is placed over a tooth. This layer helps to restore smile by making the tooth look flawless. Composite and dental porcelain are two types of materials that are used to create dental veneers.

There are several benefits of getting this treatment. If you have yellow-colored teeth, gaps between teeth or broken teeth, then placing the veneer can provide an instant and easy solution. They are amazing at fixing such issues. Natural appearance of teeth is not lost by wearing this cap. Even the structure of face and jaw line remains intact. It does not look much artificial and looks natural when you smile.

With average durability of 10-15 years, this treatment can be a long-lasting solution. With low maintenance required, it is a good option for teenagers. People suffering from enamel loss have to go through a lot because the sensitivity increases. By choosing this method, they can get rid of such difficulty.

The spacing between the teeth and crooked edges are some of the problems that prevent people from enjoying in the crowd. Get the veneers placed on such teeth and flaunt your smile without any hesitation. So, these were some of the advantages that compel people to select this treatment option.

Contact Cosmo Smiles Dental to get dental veneer treatment from expert at affordable prices. The staff is helpful and would do their best to help you in getting proper treatment with use of advanced technology.