Everyone’s smile is as unique as their personality. While some smiles remain healthy due to care, others fail to achieve the same goals because of several dental troubles. These troubles can take place in the form of unhealthy gums or tooth decay or even crooked teeth. This is where professionals like the ones at Cosmo Smiles Dental comes to the rescue. They offer a broad spectrum of services to meet your needs, including crowns, Tooth Fillings, extractions, early intervention orthodontics and facial pain treatment. Their goal is to provide caring and honest satisfying treatments of the highest level, to ensure every patient leaves the practice feeling confident and excited about their new smile.

Meet The Doctors

The doctors working at Cosmo Smiles Dental love getting to know their patients, involving them in their care and partnering together to improve their oral health. Their dentists are professionally trained in treatments like tooth fillings and laser therapies and possess a friendly, relatable approach, which our patients appreciate. The three pillars of office are -:

  • Dr Ajinder Kaur
  • Dr Margaret Enoch
  • Dr Sheila Mazhari

Services To Suit Every Smile

Dental Sealants, Dental Bridges, Invisalign
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While some dental specialist in a single treatment only, this Crystal City Dental care relishes in being able to offer several services to suit every patient’s needs that approach them. Some of the treatments offered by them are:

  • Dental Sealants
  • Dental Bridges
  • Fillings Restoration
  • Invisalign
  • Root Canal Specialist

Not only do they offer a sliding scale of services and their associated costs, but also provide monthly payment plans that are flexible and tailored to the patient’s financial needs. They believe that their job is to inform you of the pros and cons specific to your case and to let you choose which option you feel best suits you. You’ll find their honest and upfront nature refreshing, as they simply don’t believe in pursuing treatment that just isn’t the right fit for the individual.

Contact this Washington DC dental office only to experience the difference for yourself. Their team looks forward to helping you achieve your perfect smile! For appointments and inquiries about our veneers, Invisalign, dental implants, and other general and pediatric dentistry services, simply call (571) 210 4747. Online bookings are also available.

Why Tooth Fillings Are Important

A dental filling is a tooth restorative material used to restore the functionality and morphology of a tampered tooth structure. The loss in tooth structure can occur from number of reasons including decay, trauma or natural shape of tooth structure that compromise hygiene.

Dental Filling
Dental Filling Alexandria Dentist

The dental filling process is an integrated procedure that needs the attention of a qualified dental expert. The decayed and compromised tooth structure is removed and replaced with a filling material.
Studies indicate that most individuals need at least one filling in their lifetime. In as much as dental fillings help in the restoration of a tooth, dental fillings are also crucial because they help in preventing any further decay of the affected teeth. The dentist can apply various measures to help you decide whether you have tooth decay that needs filling. Some of these include observation, use of cavity-detecting dye, X-rays, and Laser fluorescence cavity-detection aids among others.
So what are the different types of dental filling options available?
Various types of Dental Fillings
Presently, dentists approve many materials for use as dental fillings. Some of these include gold, composite resin, ceramic/porcelain and amalgam.


    An amalgam is an alloy of silver, mercury, tin, copper, and to some extent, zinc. Mercury is main reason that these fillings are being discontinued. Though there are no studies that prove any health hazard as concentration is very minimal in amalgam filling but most practices have stopped placing mercury fillings these days.

Gold dental fillings

    Gold is the primary component of this filling. This dental filling contains an average of gold with various other metals like silver and palladium among others. As the name suggests, this is the most expensive option available when it comes to tooth filling. Those individuals who desire to have a corrosion free and tarnish resistant tooth filling should consider to getting gold fillings. Although this filling option is very expensive, it is desirable.

Ceramic tooth fillings

    Also called porcelain fillings, this tooth filling option is not attached to the tooth like composite or amalgam fillings. The material utilized in covering up tooth cavity is made in a laboratory. This being the case, ceramic is often crafted to fit the precise shape of the cavity. The material is 100% identical with the tooth, and therefore blends perfectly. The durability of porcelain makes this filling option last longer as it is cemented onto the tooth. However, one may need to eliminate a greater portion of the healthy tooth before he or she can fill an existing decay using porcelain.

Composite tooth fillers

    This tooth filling option is fast rising to become the best tooth filling option. Especially after medical advancements were made to enhance their appearance and durability. To fit this filling properly, we do not need to scrap off a wide portion of the healthy tooth. Additionally, composite fillings do not darken or corrode as metals do, as it bonds to the tooth. It is also ideal for smaller tooth cavities.

Why People Need Fillings

      • Other than tooth decay, there are many reasons as to why a dentist may find it suitable to apply dental fillings. Decay ( cavity, caries ), fractured tooth, missing tooth structure, deep grooves and sometimes natural shape of tooth are some of the reasons.Some of these often exist because of our daily poor hygienic practices. Fractured tooth may be caused by falling or unexpectedly hitting the tooth on a hard surface. The tooth may also break because of inappropriate use. We do not recommend using your tooth to open things like soda bottles, nail biting or grinding.


Small cavities can be restored with fillings. If tooth cavity or decay is not treated then tooth might need RCT, crown or possible extraction. Cavities should be fixed before they become too big to avoid any complications in future.

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