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Toothache Pain Relief

Toothache Pain Relief

Cosmo Smiles Dental  gives you access to skilled dentists with vast experience in handling toothaches due to different causes. The pain experienced in the tooth can come inform of sensitivity, constantly throbbing severe pain in a particular part of the mouth or dull aches. Toothaches may be associated with throbbing headaches and can easily trigger migraine. Toothache is hard to ignore as it makes one uncomfortable, deprives one a chance to sleep well at night and makes feeding difficult. In most cases depending on the cause, a toothache won’t just go away without intervention by a dentist. It is advisable to make regular visits to a dentist for routine dental checkups to facilitate early diagnosis of developing dental issues to avoid disturbing toothaches.

Top causes of tooth pain

Tooth pain may spread from the affected tooth the adjacent teeth on either side and to the jaw making it difficult to spot the paining point. The pain is usually disturbing due to numerous nerves present in the teeth that transmit the pain. Toothache can be caused by varying oral health issues that include;

Tooth infection
Food particles trapped between the teeth gets rotten, leading to bacterial growth that causes infection. The tooth decays gradually with the pulp being affected. If not treated in time, a tooth abscess develops. Whether the tooth is only decayed or with an abscess, one is likely to experience excruciating pain around the affected tooth.

Infected gum
Teeth are held in place on the jaw bone by the gum. The bacterial may enter in between the teeth causing gum infection. This causes severe toothache sometimes with the pain spreading to several other adjacent teeth. The pain may be accompanied by bleeding especially when brushing the teeth.

Damaged filling
Dental filling is applied to fill the gap left by a tooth decay or fracture. Once the filling is destroyed, the nerves in the tooth are exposed leading to severe pain. In this case, toothache may be experienced upon chewing or taking hot and cold drinks. If the filling has fallen out, the individual experiences sharp pain upon opening the mouth.

Tooth fracture-
Accidents impact trauma on the teeth causing fracture on single or multiple teeth. A fracture may lead to cracking of the tooth exposing the nerves that leads to excruciating pain.

Major symptoms of tooth pain and when to visit a dentist

Tooth pain ranges from mild to severe, occasional to persistent aches around the tooth. Though it may be difficult to spot the exact paining tooth, the following symptoms can help in identifying toothache;

  • Occasional throbbing or sharp pain upon pressure applied during chewing or biting.
  • Abscess around the affected tooth. This is swelling of the tooth that may be visible from outside part of the tooth.
  • Foul tasting and smelling discharge from the affected tooth.
  • Headaches and fever.
  • Sensitivity upon opening the mouth and when taking a hot or cold drink.
  • Persistent throbbing pain that goes beyond 24hours.

How to prevent tooth pain
Observing general oral hygiene practices on daily basis helps in eliminating the possible causes of tooth pain. However, other protective dental procedures may be necessary in order to keep the teeth healthy and pain free. Here are some oral health tips fit for the entire family;

  • Daily oral cleaning- Brushing teeth and tongue with a tooth brush and paste recommended by your dentist is ideal in preventing infections. It is advisable to brush the teeth after every meal, at least three times daily. Teeth and tongue brushing should be taught and encouraged to children.
  • Use of dental floss- use of dental floss to remove food particles trapped between the teeth is highly recommended at least once a day preferably in the evening.
  • Dental checkups- Routine dental checkups help in identifying developing problems early enough before causing pain.
  • Healthy diet- Observing a healthy diet with low sugar is highly recommended for prevention of tooth decay.
  • Crown application- Application of dental crowns especially on the permanent molars in children is an efficient preventive procedure.

Cosmo Smiles Dental  stops toothache from terrorizing you. Call 571-210-4747.  http://cosmosmilesdental.com and https://www.facebook.com/cosmosmiles/

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