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Tooth Extractions Alexandria VA

Tooth Extractions Alexandria VA

Tooth Extractions Alexandria VA
Tooth extractions in Alexandria VA are safe procedure that involves pulling out of the tooth. However, tooth pulling is normally done only when it is necessary. Usually, the dentist carries out assessment to evaluate the intense of the dental problem and explores other restorative measures before settling for extraction procedure. In this case, the dentist seeks to preserve the tooth more than pulling it out. The dentist involves the patient in decision making for tooth extraction while explaining in details why it is necessary to pull-out the tooth. The dentist also takes time to explain to the patient what to expect during the extraction procedure.

Reasons for tooth extractions

Decisions for tooth extractions are arrived after a deep assessment of the dental problem at hand. The dentist settles for tooth pulling only when it is the best procedure to solve the problem. Here are the reasons that may lead to tooth pulling decision;

Tooth decay-

    Tooth pulling procedure is considered in case of severe tooth decay due to bacterial infection. Once the pulp is infected, root canal therapy combined with administration of antibiotics may prove to be effective. However, in severe cases, root canal therapy may not be the right choice as it may fail leaving tooth pulling as the only option.

Teeth crowding-

    Development of big teeth that the space available in the jaws leads to crowding and misalignment of teeth. In order to carry out orthodontia aimed at aligning the teeth properly, teeth pulling procedure may be carried out. Also, crowding of teeth in the mouth may lead to a tooth that partially breaks through the gum. A tooth that has partially erupted through the gum traps food particles that lead to bacterial growth hence infection. Pulling the tooth may be the best solution.

Compromised immune system-

    When the immune system is suppressed, tooth pulling may be the best option. If a tooth is infected of an individual going through major medical procedures such as chemotherapy or organ transplant, or suffering from autoimmune illnesses, the dentist may recommend pulling it.

Severe gum disease-

    Severe gum disease known as periodontal disease may affect the gum and jaw bone as well. This results to loosening of the teeth that may need to be pulled to pave way for restorative dental procedures.

Things you need to tell your dentist before a tooth extraction

Tooth extractions leave open sockets that are raw wounds in the first few days after the tooth pulling. The open socket may allow disease causing organisms such as bacteria to pass through into the blood stream leading to infection. The body has the ability to fight germs and protect the wound in the socket from infections. However, presence of other health issues in the body may lead to complications after tooth pulling procedure. Therefore, let your dentist know about the following before initiating tooth pulling procedure;

Heart diseases-

    Before having tooth pulling procedure, it is important to alert your dentist of existing or history of any heart illness. Heart illnesses such as damaged or artificial heart valves, congenital heart illness and angina pectoris among others.

Compromised immune system-

    If suffering from health issues that may suppress your immune system such as HIV/AIDS and other autoimmune illnesses, your dentist need know about it.

Liver diseases-

    • existing liver diseases should be discussed with the dentists.


    Existing pregnancy- You need to let the dentist know about an existing pregnancy.

Home care recovery tips after tooth pulling

In order to quicken healing of the tooth extractions socket, practice the following tips;

  • Gently bite the gauze placed on the extraction site for about five hours to stop bleeding.
  • Take painkillers as advised by the dentist.
  • Do not put your finger in the socket as this may lead to infection.
  • Brush the teeth normally but avoid the extraction site.
  • Avoid smoking and taking drinks using straws for the next 72hours.

Call tooth extractions in Alexandria VA dentist if you experience fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, cough and chest pain after tooth pulling.

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