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Cosmos Smiles Dental offers comprehensive dental care in Arlington VA. We use the latest techniques in Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry to provide total dental health for Kids and Adults. Are motive is to provide you the perfect and brightest smile, using gentle and painless dental care, As a smile not only looks good, but is also an indicator of your overall well-being. We have trained and experienced dental professional who use the most advanced technologies, materials and procedures to provide dental care. Our practices includes reliable treatment from qualified dentists, with extensive experience in all aspects of modern dentistry. Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747.
Dental Care in Washington DC

Dental Veneers are small covers placed in front of your actual teeth that may be broken, fractured, discolored, misaligned or worn down. Dr Kaur is certified in Lumineers with minimal tooth loss to restore smile.

Dental bridges are replacement teeth that effectively bridge the gap between missing teeth by taking support from two adjacent teeth. We provide bridges made up of variety of material options like gold, alloy, or combinations of metals.

Invisalign braces are made of polyurethane plastic which is nearly invisible.They are made of flexible materials and do not irritate the tissues in the mouth as metal would do. Each aligner is worn for 20 hours a day for two weeks.

Root canal therapy often saves you from dental implants and bridges, it involves drilling into the tooth and removing the enamel that is decayed. And then add a crown to the tooth to help build it back up again.

Same day Crown is aimed to provide quick restoration, strengthening and to improve your damaged teeth.

We also provide Fillings, Whitening, Extraction, Cleaning, Bad breath treatment and many more services, to harbor clean, healthy, and life long smiles.


Cosmo Smiles Dental provide cosmetic dental care for the whole family. And we are well recognized for our pediatric dentistry services. We guarantee easy to access services, wherever and whenever needed as patient’s satisfaction is our first priority. Our team also works with families to show them the significance of normal brushing, flossing and following oral cleanliness routine. A wide range of dental insurance is also offered to help you, cope with rapidly increasing cost of dental treatment.

You are just one click away from a beautiful and a healthy smile, visit our website and book an appointment. Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747.


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4 Minutes Walk from Crystal City Metro. Exit the metro station towards Marriott Crystal Gateway and make right on S Eads St. Cosmo Smiles is adjacent to Bank Of America.

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