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Advantages and Types of Tooth Fillings

Advantages and Types of Tooth Fillings

When it comes to choosing the right type of dental fillings for you, it may get tricky, and newbies might get confused. So, let’s get a brief idea about the type of fillings we provide here for Tooth FillingsWashington DC

There are multiple types of tooth fillings; choosing the best one depends on your conditions. The dentist usually suggests the best-suited material according to your cavity condition, budget and maintaining your apt dental health.

There are multiple types of fillings: Gold fillings, Silver amalgam fillings, Composite fillings, Ceramic fillings, Glass ionomers, etc. The duration of the fillings and safety of the fillings are compared by the dentist and then suggested.

Benefits of Dental Fillings 

  • The duration of the fillings varies from 5 years to 15 years. However, the cost varies according to the long term duration.
  • Filling your decayed tooth will not look horrible if you are worried. As the options are enormous and some fillings can also be matched according to your teeth.
  • Before filling, usually, dentists clean the decayed part of the tooth, and the filling also fills up the hole eaten by a cavity.
  • An unfilled hole can create acid, or even the food can get stuck, which can be painful; these problems can be cured after the dental fillings.
  • Tooth fillings are also an excellent option to support or give strength to fractured teeth. This can be a better option to repair the chipped tooth.
  • In the case of small holes, a tooth filling can be helpful. The fillings seal up the smaller spaces and prevent the food and debris from getting trapped or stuck.
  • It can also improve the shape or structure of your tooth. Most importantly, the fillings are not permanent. So, you always have the option of removing it in case of inconvenience.

The primary need to get a dental filling is to remove the decayed part of your tooth and fill it up with the materials. These fillings help to use your damaged tooth back to normal. The fillings are only done after cleaning the affected area, which reduces the chance of getting it worse.

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