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When dental decay threatens a tooth’s structural strength, a filling becomes an optimal solution to restore its natural integrity and maintain its proper functioning. The procedure that claims to recover the damaged tooth, works through the removal of decay, tooth shaping, polishing, etc. Since the problem of tooth decay still remains as one of the most prevalent chronic diseases, its filling has become a common part of the practice.

One such dental clinic delivering the same solutions of Tooth Fillings in Arlington VA is Cosmo Smiles Dental Clinic, your honest partner to healthy & happy gums. With an exceptional combination of professional staff and modern technologies, the clinic strives to educate, motivate, and promote regular preventive care so that clients are able to enjoy the healthy teeth and beautiful smile that they deserve.

Different Types Of Dental Fillings

While traditional dental materials have survived the test of time, recent advances in the dental industry have opened doors to a much more expansive and improved selection of restorative choices. Apart from offering strength and durability, these advanced filling materials have created a mark due to several other positive factors. Some of these fillings include:

Composite Fillings

This cosmetically pleasing alternative to traditional fillings is an amalgamation of biocompatible resins and glass-like filler materials that become strong and long-lasting when set.

Silver Fillings 

This traditional method is a result of strong, durable materials that are less likely to break or wear down.

Glass Ionomers

By giving a tight seal between the tooth and surrounding oral environment, this solution’s poor wear-resistant properties make them suitable for treating baby teeth, cavities near the gum line, and in temporary fillings.

Gold Fillings

This expensive yet excellent restoration filling is another strong and durable solution that remains stable over time due to its extraordinary physical and chemical properties.

Ceramic Fillings

Fabricated from the highest quality of dental porcelain and ceramics, these fillings are known for their stain and wear-resistant free properties that are attractive and long-lasting.

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So if you are looking for efficient dental services like Dental Bridges, Tooth Fillings in Arlington VA, Then look no further, and visit our qualified staff to enjoy all the dental services you might be looking for.

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