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Everyone desires a bright gorgeous smile. It not only reflects confidence and natural beauty but also performs the role of creating a good first impression. But what if your fear of crooked or missing teeth stops you from flaunting those pearl white teeth? Feeling conscious of your smile is normal, but the problem comes in where the effort to improve that smile, is not taken.

If you’re missing a tooth or accidentally broke one, dental implants will help take care of your problem. Created as a permanent replacement option in case of missing teeth, dental implants are a popular alternative used by dentists to restore their patients’ confidence. The cosmetic procedure anchors artificial teeth straight into the jawbone to make it function just like a real tooth.

If you are considering implants, Cosmo Smiles Dental Care can perform a complete teeth evaluation to determine solutions that will be best suited for you.

Their Significance

Identified as an alternative for replacing missing teeth, dental implants effectively support the restoration and soft and hard tissues that surround the area of missing teeth. It is present in the form of a little, screw-shaped titanium object that directly targets the root area of a tooth. The treatment fulfils the purpose of natural teeth by preserving tooth-supporting bone from deteriorating.

Who Is Not Eligible For Implants?

If you’re someone dealing with the pressure and pain of missing teeth, going for dental implants might be the correct solution for you. However, before making the decision, it’s also important for you to be aware of the factors that make a person eligible for such a procedure. Given below are a few things to consider.

  • Age

Good candidates must have healthy gums with a jawbone that has stopped growing.

  • Background History

Conditions including the shape of your sinuses and nerve position also affect the treatment.

  • Medical Conditions

People who take certain drugs that target the immune system, may not be suitable for the procedure. Past medical conditions risk factors that can adversely affect your outcome.

So, get in touch with the friendly and professional Cosmo Smiles team to Get Dental Implants in Arlington.

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