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Key Difference In Types Of Dentistry

Key Difference In Types Of Dentistry

A dentist does a lot more than just your routine checkups. There’s so much more like if you have heard about cosmetic restorative dentistry. You must know that it has many things in common like these are used to treat restore decayed, damaged or missing teeth. But there are differences between these procedures. So let’s look at the difference.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This method is mainly used for altering the shape, size, colour, alignment and spacing of teeth. And the procedures entirely depend on your wish, and it is an elective option. People visit the dentist for this when they are not happy with their teeth’ appearance.

The recommended procedures in this method are gum lifting, veneers, reshaping of the tooth by removing enamels, bleaching teeth for removing stains, and tooth whitening are common. The main motive behind the procedure is to enhance the visual appearance of your smile and teeth.

Like, the example of a dental crown. It is used to improve the color, size, or contour of the tooth. The durability of the procedure is instead being considered with the perks of aesthetics. Unfortunately, though, they don’t enhance the functions of the teeth. Also, the materials used are like the dental composite resin used for tooth-colored fillings.

Restorative Dentistry

Usually, this procedure is essential as it needs to be performed to repair the tooth in case of broken, decayed or missing. In addition, people come to seek help for this procedure because of medical conditions in teeth like bleeding, swelling or dental pain.

The treatment suggestion in restorative dentistry can vary from dental implants or dentures, crowns and bridges to filling and more options. The primary purpose is to restore the functions of the teeth before decaying, damaging or missing.

Like, you must have heard about a root canal. It is one of the common examples of restorative dentistry. Here, the mixture will be durable and affordable. The metals used for this are like amalgam for fillings.

These methods directly enhance your confidence while smiling or laughing without any doubts. You can opt for any of them or both according to your needs or choices.

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