How to recover from Dental Implant Surgery?

dental implant surgery

Dental implant surgery is the process of replacing missing teeth. This surgical fixture was invented by Swedish surgeon, Per-Ingvar Branemark. To make the healing process a bit smooth and painless, you must follow certain steps right after the dental implant surgery. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Tell someone to drop you home

Anesthesia is used during the dental implant surgery. It takes time to regain the alertness and coordination. So, it is important to take someone with you.

  1. Promote blood clotting

It is possible that bleeding occurs for up to 48-72 hours after the dental implant procedure. Put the pressure on that area with gauze sponges. This promotes clotting of blood. Rinsing can make the situation worse. If the bleeding persists for long time, then don’t ignore it. Wipe the large clots gently and place the gauze pads over bleeding area. Make sure you bite the gauze firmly for at least an hour.

  1. Eat soft foods

Consume only soft foods for first 24 hours after the dental implant surgery. Hot and spicy foods should be avoided.

  1. Minimize swelling

It is very common to experience some swelling after bone grafting procedure. Swelling can increase after 3-4 days of oral surgery. Initially after 24 hours, the swelling can be reduced by applying gentle heat. After that applying a cold pack can be beneficial in reducing the swelling.

  1. Take antibiotics

Proper dosage of antibiotics can be used to prevent infection around the dental implant. Consult your doctor if you find any adverse reaction of antibiotics.

  1. Don’t smoke

To enhance the speed of healing process, you must quit smoking. Smokers have higher risk of developing an infection after the dental implant surgery.

  1. Follow-Up Appointment

It is essential to visit the implant provider after oral surgery for regular check-up. Healing process and any type of damage can be detected with regular visits.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Dentist

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dentist

Your dental care is a significant part of your health. Every individual should consult a dentist on a daily basis and maintain their dental health. Your dental checkup is a significant part of your general wellbeing. Have a regular dental appointment on daily basis for your health. Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dentist


While taking an appointment with dental specialists, there are various things to be considered. Aside from brushing normally, the most ideal motive to secure your oral wellbeing is to work with your dental wellbeing expert.  While choosing the right dentist, there are some factors to keep in mind while choosing a dentist for you.

Cost Service

The dental expense depends on the dentist professionals. It mostly depends upon the specialist experience, the field of skill, and all about operational costing. The cost of professionals of an authority who is an overall dental parental figure will vary from the expense of a pro who has skill in a particular field. The location of the dentist’s office also impacts the price of the appointment. Always remember to be aware of all costs before visiting the dental clinic.

Comfortable environment

When visiting the first time to the dental specialists, make sure about your comfort. It is significant for an individual who suffers from dental fear.

Dentist offers many practices to assist patients with a comfortable feeling. They will provide premedication and sedation dentistry to make your visit delightful without any fear. Families and people appreciate a dental specialist who organizes patients’ wellbeing and prosperity.


While picking the best dental specialist for your family, one of the most significant things to check the facility of the clinic.

If a dental specialist uses the latest new technology will help to improve the treatment procedure. Know whether using the most recent in dental care equipment technology. Provide a perfect, proficient, and sorted out condition. There should be caring staff that is inviting, considerate and educated.

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Identify Why General Dentistry is so much important?

Identify Why General Dentistry is so much important?

A better day can always start with a smile and yet some people still avoid the basic dental care that does not only damage the teeth but it can cause the difference in the appearance of teeth, oral cavity, tooth decay, and all. And if this describes you, then you definitely need a professional like us. When you choose us, you will realize that our General dentistry services are much more reliable and painless. Our high-tech professional dentist at Cosmos Smiles Dental can diagnose, evaluate, and manage your oral health with utmost care & precautions. We provide all General Dentistry services in Arlington, VA 22202 including placement and restoration, full or partial denture, Complete X-ray, dental cleaning, filling root canals, extractions, and periodontal therapy too. These services will help to stop the disease before it damages your teeth. General dentists not only focus on the general aspect of oral care but it covers all the related services that are significant to your health. Apart from the above services, general dentistry can cover treatment if you have a loosened, broken, or knocked-out tooth. Our advanced treatment makes this whole process less-painful, reliable, and a greater smile that you have ever imagined of. Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747.

Identify Why General Dentistry is so much important?

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Despite having so many dentists outside, Dr. Kaur is known for her extreme knowledge, expertise, and for her friendly nature. She strictly follows preventive measures for infection control and is compassionate to provide quality dental treatment to all the patients just to restore their forever smile and for good health. Of-course you deserve a sparkling smile, so just reach out to her. She’s hardly a 4-minute walk away from Crystal city metro station so hurry and experience the world’s best services. So keep your smile stunning and healthy with us. Whether you are looking for a humble check-up or improving your smile through cosmetic dentistry and tooth brightening, we are here to assist you with the entirety of your dental needs. Contact Cosmo Smiles Dental to get free online consultation! Simply Call at: (571) 210 4747.


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Does your smile create an immediate impact on people you meet, impressing them with your radiance, happiness or your warmth? If you need to think a little before answering, it clearly indicates how your dental problems are asking for a solution. These solutions are usually provided by dentists who know your mouth better than you. A general dentist can ave you from all the troubles just by recommending changes to your dental habits to improve your daily maintenance.

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Who Are They?

Cosmo Smiles Dental is a modern dental clinic offering world-class dental services in crystal city, VA. This dedicated unit providing the treatment of all kinds of dental problem aims at leaving no stone unturned to alleviate the suffering of patients.


Different Treatments They Offer

At Cosmo Smiles Dental, our staff and dentists all take the prevention of tooth decay and regular oral cleanings as one of the most important parts of our job, and we hope that our dedication will bring you the results you’ve been expecting. Some of the major treatments covered by us include:

  • Tooth Fillings
  • Dentures
  • Crowns
  • Dental Bridges
  • Basic Cleanings
  • Whitening Procedures
  • Braces and Other Cosmetic Care

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