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Your Smile Matters

Your Smile Matters

The idea of straightening your teeth can seem quite challenging in the beginning. From teeth gaps to and misaligned jaws or crooked structures, straightening your teeth may mean different things to different people. Same goes for the orthodontic treatments dealing with such complications.

When it comes to teeth straightening, the majority of treatments and solutions are focused towards curing multiple teeth or even a complete row. This is what solutions like braces, aligners or even dentures involve. When this happens, a good dental clinic like Cosmo Smiles can save you from sabotaging your entire smile. The professionals employed here can help you achieve ideal oral health and prevent future teeth or gums troubles.

Their Role

While sometimes its just a single tooth that demands attention, in other cases an entire jaw is required to be treated. Given below are a few of the most common orthodontic problems that require dentures and Invisalign.

  • Crowding

Overlapping teeth that don’t have enough space to fit comfortably in the mouth are identified as a Crowding condition in the mouth.

  • Crossbite

A single tooth or a group of teeth resting on the inside of the lower teeth are classified as a crossbite condition. They may end up in generating high risks of gum diseases and bone loss.

  • Misaligned Midlines

Misalignment is a condition in the center areas of the front upper and lower teeth that can create problems on the jaw and prevent adequate functioning of teeth.

  • Open Bites

An open bite is a condition when the front upper jaw and lower jaw teeth do not meet together. This impairs chewing and cause other troubles.

  • Spacing

These are the noticeable gaps between teeth that may make teeth to become loose and painful in the long run.

  • Underbite

An underbite takes place when the upper teeth get overlapped by the lower ones. This condition may make biting and chewing difficult.

Contact Us!

So, are you also wondering about your best options to treat a single tooth or an entire crooked jaw? Book your consult with Cosmo Smiles Dental today for your free, no-obligation consultation. Our dentures and Invisalign treatment know how to correct misaligned teeth that are out of place.

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